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To become a member of our Association, a yearly registration fee is required. Thereafter for each certificate obtained, you will contribute towards the cost of digitalization.

Please note that our tariffs have not increased since the foundation of the Association, whereas new services have been included in the package at no additional cost. They are available to members only (unless specified otherwise).

Annual fee 2019

  • Regular Member : 40

  • Benefactor Member : from 60


The title of Benefactor Member may be acquired in two ways:

  • With a financial contribution of at least 60 for the current year of membership, when registering or renewing.

  • Automatically for the voluntary members in 2018.

The credit of points

To obtain copies of records, documents or services, it is necessary to have purchase in advance a credit of points. These prepaid points can not be reimbursed but will be carried forward to the next year.

  • Prepaid for 10 points: 15 , i.e. 1.50 per point

  • Prepaid for 30 points: 36 , i.e. 1.20 per point

  • Prepaid for 50 points: 50 , i.e. 1.00 per point

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